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Lund Boats

Since Lund boats first launched in 1948 from a small shop in New York Mills, Minnesota, the Lund family has prided themselves on building aluminum fishing boats tough enough to withstand rugged northern terrain. Today, Lund boats continue constructing durable and versatile watercraft perfect for battling rough waves and landing trophy-sized catches. Keep reading for a closer look into the evolution of this premium fishing boat brand.

Signature Lund Models & Features

Lund builds a versatile range of hull designs tailored to different boating needs. Popular models include:

Alaskan Fishing Boats: Designed for commercial anglers, with wide 98-144” beam width for stability hauling heavy loads in rough Bering Sea conditions. Option for a center console or fiberglass pilothouse.

Impact XS/Sport Angling Series: Ranging 17-19ft., low profile Impact XS models have 82” beams for easy turning/control. Include bow fishing seats, loads of storage, 27 gallon fuel tank, optional 9” GPS screen.

Rebel SS Multi-Species Boats: Featuring Lund’s Mod V hull ideal for walleye fishing yet versatile for species like bass and pike too. Available 16-20 ft. lengths with 99” beam for stability when passengers move.

Crossover Series: Blends fishing capabilities with family recreation features. Options like ski pylons, removable fishing seats, enlarged storage areas under bow.

Standard features across all Lund series include:

– Durable welded or riveted all-aluminum or alloy/fiberglass composite hull construction
– Foam-filled floating floor keeps boat afloat even if filled with water
– Cleat and eyelet placements for securing lines while docking or loading
– Full-perimeter boat rails to land fish yet allow easy net access
– Integrated mounting tracks for fishing electronics, rod holders, and accessories
– Aerated livewells plus fish ruler decals built into lids for measuring catches

Innovations: Suspension Seating, Docking Systems

Alongside continually improving hull design, Lund integrates innovative comfort and convenience add-ons:

– Patented Impact XS suspension seating with adjustable spring supports absorb wave shock when running across rough water.

– Lund’s Docking System for select Impact series allows activating an electric lift to raise the outboard partially out of water when idle. Enables “floating” into shallow docks without risk of underwater damage.

Reasons for Lund’s Strong Reputation

Several key factors cement Lund’s standing as one of the most revered and recommended aluminum fishing boat manufacturers:

1. Time-Tested Durability: Lunds stand the test of time thanks to rigid construction and quality components lasting over 20 years in some cases.

2. Customization: From electronics packages to storage layouts and boat color, Lunds allow buyers to perfectly personalize their vessel.

3. On-Water Performance Excellence: Foam filling plus precision hull angles provides a smooth, dry ride key for comfort and fishability.

4. Strong Resale Value: Lund’s reliability and loyal following translates into above-average resale value after years of service.


With over 70 years experience navigating North America’s roughest fishing domains, few marques match Lund Boats for resilient performance in trying conditions. Anglers relying on Lunds enjoy peace of mind from their battle-ready construction plus custom outfitting potential. Despite facing growing competition, Lund maintains pole position as a highly respected producer of durable aluminum fishing boats built to excel across inland lakes or offshore vessels designed take on frigid Alaskan seas.

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