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How To Cook Red Drum

With their bright copper coloration and hard-fighting spirit, red drum represent a treasured catch for anglers across the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. While reaching trophy sizes over 40 inches, smaller “puppy” drum also fill southern estuaries. Either way, the mild sweet flavor and tender white meat of redfish rightfully earns accolades at the dinner table too. This guide covers the foolproof methods for preparing perfect fillets, tacos, blackened, and how to cook Red Drum.

Preparing Red Drum Fillets

The clean, large fillets easily pulled from redfish deliver a blank canvas for all cooking styles. Best practices for prep include:

– Once cleaned and skinned, cut fillets into individual 6-8 oz portions
– Pat dry thoroughly with paper towels to remove excess moisture for better searing/browning
– Lightly coat with olive or avocado oil and preferred seasonings if not using a wet marinade
– Let fillets sit at room temperature for 20 minutes before hitting hot pans or grills

These simple steps prevent overcooking while enhancing flavor infusion into the wonderfully flaky drum meat.

Grilled Redfish

Nothing satisfies quite like redfish fillets kissed by an open flame’s smoky essence. Effortless grilled drum ranks among the most delicious fish recipes:

– Prepare medium hot clean grill with neutral oil
– Lay fillets over direct heat 5-6 minutes per side
– Baste once with melted garlic butter during last minute
– Avoid charring by adjusting cooler heat zones as needed
– Finish with squeeze of fresh lemon juice and chopped parsley

The gratifying contrasts of crispy char lines against tender interiors makes grilled reds an easy crowd pleaser.

Blackened Redfish Magic

For next-level flavor, liberally coat fillets with magic blackened redfish seasoning then pan-sear using:

– 1 tbsp blackening seasoning per fillet side
– Cast iron skillet rip-roasting hot with thin oil layer
– 60-90 seconds per side depending on thickness
– Prepare for aggressive sear and plenty of smoke!
– Serve over dirty rice with veggie side if desired

The iconic blackened redfish recipe of Cajun cuisine never fails to impress thanks to its complex heat and herb blend.

Air Fryer Drum Fillets

Modern air fryers promise deliciously crispy results with less oil and mess. For effortless redfish excellence:

– Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees F
– Arrange fillets in single layer in basket
– Mist with avocado oil spray and season
– Cook 10-12 minutes until flaky and golden brown

Air frying seals in natural juiciness while browning the exterior, no flipping required. Lemony tartar sauce mixes nicely with air fried fillets.

Baked Redfish Parmesan

Seeking an elegant dish the whole family will devour? Baked redfish fillets encrusted with cheese and breadcrumbs makes the grade:

– Dip fillets in egg wash then coat with Parmesan panko mix
– Arrange in a single layer in a baking dish
– Bake at 425 degrees 12 minutes until browned and cooked through
– Mix your own crumb blend or use store-bought varieties

The crispy, savory crust contrasting the moist drum meat keeps folks coming back for seconds of this easy baked entree.

Redfish Tacos

In the South, lightly fried redfish pieces reign as the star ingredient of supremely tasty tacos:

– Dredge 2-inch fillet chunks in flour, salt and pepper
– Fry in 350 degree canola/peanut oil 2-3 minutes
– Drain over paper towels before assembling tacos
– Pile fish over warmed corn tortillas with desired taco fixings

Crunchy white redfish pieces standalone beautifully in tacos while accepting any combination of salsas, cabbage, avocado, cotija cheese for customizeable flavors.


Renowned for both sport and sustenance, red drum grace countless dining tables thanks to their user-friendly qualities. Simple seasonings and searing, blackening, baking or frying illuminate their adaptable sweet flavor and delicately firm texture. While broiling whole redfish also shines for small groups, preparing fillets expands the cooking possibilities to please all palates. From street fair tacos to restaurant-worthy platters, the versatility of redfish cements its place as a cherished Gulf and Atlantic prize. I hope this How To Cook Red Drum post helps you.

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