Best Chatterbaits

Chatterbaits represent a uniquely versatile type of fishing lure. Combining the erratic “chatter” of a crankbait with an easy-moving jig, the best chatterbaits attract bass and other gamefish using sight, sound, and vibration. When selecting a chatterbait, critical factors include construction, blade style, skirt quality, weight, hook strength and more. Read on for a rundown of top-rated chatterbait models across varying price points and applications.

Best Overall – Z-Man Original Chatterbait

Considered the original creator of chatterbait fishing lures, Z-Man dominates as a top brand with their quality components and trusted performance. Their Original Chatterbait features:

– Premium vibration and flash from rounded hex blade
– Supreme skirt made with ElaZtech material
– Gamakatsu hook delivers solid hookset percentage
– 3/8 oz model ideal for all-around applications
– Supreme durability even after repeated strikes and catches
– Ideal for bass fishing in variety of cover/conditions

As a true pioneer of the chatterbait concept with continued innovation, the Z-Man Original delivers unmatched fish-attracting vibration. From rookie anglers to seasoned tournament competitors, the Original Chatterbait pulls bass from grass, docks, or open water.

Best Budget – Bass Pro Shops XPS Chatterbait

For anglers seeking chatterbait performance on a budget, Bass Pro Shops’ XPS Lazer Blade Chatterbait saves over 50% versus premium models. What it delivers includes:

– Affordable price under $5
– Stainless steel hex blade pulses at all speeds
– Textured silicone skirt in proven fish-catching colors
– Strong wire frame and 3/0 hook
– Weights from 1/4 to 1 oz for shallow to deep applications

While priced low, the XPS Chatterbait still produces proven vibration, flash and texture to trigger savage strikes from bass and other species. The affordable price even allows purchasing multiple chatterbaits for variety.

Best Bladed – BOOYAH Counter Strike Chatterbait
Serious chatterbait anglers looking for maximum blade vibration meet their match with BOOYAH’s Counter Strike. Its features include:

– Hefty 4-inch stainless blades that pulsate aggressively
– Counter-rotating blades increase turbulence
– Ultra-bouyant head keeps bait higher in water column
– Available in 3/8 and 1/2 oz models
– fluorocarbon weedguard prevents snagging

Representing the ultimate bladed chatterbait, the Counter Strike emits such intense flash and vibration that lethargic bass attack even from dense cover. Using double blades lifted higher off the bottom provokes reaction strikes.

Best for Big Bass – Strike King Thunder Cricket
When targeting trophy-sized bass, the Strike King Thunder Cricket rated for heavy cover and hooksets. It touts:

– Perfect for flipping/pitching around thick cover
– Heavier 1/2 oz models punch deeper
– Rattle chamber amplifies sound waves
– Stress-tested Gamakatsu hook
– Pro-grade silicone skirts in killer colors

Thanks to its brawny build and 1/2 oz body, the Thunder Cricket generates a loud disturbance to trigger huge bass from shadowy lairs. The unbreakable components also withstand brute force fights when hooked onto lunker bucketmouths or kicking striper hybrids.


Today’s vast selection of chatterbait brands and models allows anglers to select the best based on price point and fishing scenario. For all-around excellence, the Z-Man Original Chatterbait dominates waterways small and large. Budget-friendly options like the Bass Pro Shops XPS deliver affordable performance. The double-bladed BOOYAH Counter Strike and Strike King Thunder Cricket stand out for maximizing vibration and holding up to heavyweight brawlers respectively. Any fisherman searching for this uniquely effective bait has multiple quality options readily available.

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